10-Minutes A Day Working on Your Goals

My life is different when I dedicate 10 minutes each day to each of my goals. I have one life goal and establish mini-goals that fit within the structure of what I need to do to reach that life goal. Do you have a life goal?

Mini-Goals and CategoriesGoals

My workweek goals I focus on Monday through Friday. I have found that I can successfully pursue three goals and give them the priority. More than three and my goals suffer and my priorities conflict. My work goals typically fall into three major categories:

  1. Clients
  2. Content development (writing, podcasts, and my radio program)
  3. Infrastructure – the mechanics of my business

I devote 10 minutes each day to setting the priority for each goal for the day. What tasks do I need to work on? How much time do I have? How much time will it take to do those tasks? Where do the tasks fit in moving me to my long-term goal?

Write Your Goals Down

In my book, 10-Minute Success: Goals! I talk about the various goal categories. They can be about relationships (business and/or personal), finances, education, health, and any number of other categories. Your goal should be truly your goal. Not a goal you set because someone else thinks that should be your goal.  What excites you? What do you dream about? Write it down.

Measure Your Progress

One of the benefits of breaking down your larger goal into mini-goals is that it enables us to make progress. It is important to stay motivated. A single big goal can be intimidating and seem impossible to achieve. However, goals are about a journey. As the saying goes, every journey begins with a single step. By breaking a large goal into several smaller goals, you can focus on the smaller goal. This translates into taking a step toward that big audacious goal.

Just as important, each small success can keep you motivated. You can celebrate each successful step represented by each completed mini-goal. It is also important to keep track of each win. Write down your goals along with a target date for accomplishing them. When you successfully complete each goal, write down the date. Make notes of what it feels like to reach that goal. Take time to enjoy each achievement before focusing on the next mini-goal.

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