10-Minute Success

10-Minute Process

The 10-Minute Process is the foundation for all the 10-Minute Success strategies and topics. With the 10-Minute Process options, you can learn how to take 10-minutes to focus on your goals, actions, meetings, sales tactics, and more. 10-Minutes can change your day, your results, your business, and your life! Learn how.


Goals Drive Actions

Wishes and dreams don’t transform your life. They are a starting point. Transforming your life requires you to translate your dreams into goals. Your goals into behaviors and actions. The starting point for success is clarity of purpose. Creating your actionable, realistic goals that are clear, concise, and motivating enables dreams to become reality. Learn how.

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10-Minutes Every Day

Do you have a minute? How about 10 minutes? Can you shut the door, ignore the phone and email, and focus for 10-minutes on your priorities and actions for the day? Find a way. Hide in your car or the bathroom! Get up early or stay up late. Find a way to take 10-minutes every day to change your life!

Motivation, Life Lessons, and Laughter

Respected. Blunt. Goal-oriented. Successful. Funny! Lea Strickland brings to your event the insights, real-life experience, and humor to provide your leadership team, employees, or conference attendees with the tools and motivation to get results. Lea’s take charge, no excuses encouragement energizes audiences to make changes.

  • Does your business need better results?
  • Does your team lose is focus?
  • Do you personally need to develop new habits and behaviors?
  • Do you want to be more successful?

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I love to meet people and motivate them to get results. I can share stories (my own and my clients) to show you how 10-minutes changes lives!

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