Lea Strickland

I have always loved writing. I have always been a type A personality and I have a lot of interests. To maximize my results, I developed the discipline of focusing my attention on elements of a larger project. I usually begin by developing an outline of the project as a whole. Then I break it down into workable elements and focus on getting those done. The more I have to do, the more I need to focus. Looking at small components of my big projects enables me to carve out small increments of time to work on them. In one day I can usually carve out at least three 10-minute blocks of time to work on a critical task, to write a rough draft of an article, or spend some time brainstorming a solution.

I built my business, wrote six books, and hundreds of articles taking 10 minutes to focus my efforts.



Next Steps…

It all begins with a goal! Define your goal and you have taken the first step toward achieving it!

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